The hair strands are uniform in color, length, and texture to ensure a consistent and professional application. We trace the origin of the hair and provide certifications that attest to the quality and ethical sourcing of the products, which are made with 100% European natural hair.


    Giambertone: The Perfect Choice for Beauty Professionals and Cosmetic Companies

    Our hair strands are ideal for cosmetic testing because they are completely customizable, allowing you to test the efficacy of dyes, moisturizers, nutrients, restructuring and volumizing products on different hair types (dry, oily, normal) and in different conditions (damaged, colored, fragile).

    They can be used for research and development of new products, for testing and preventive safety, for compliance with regulations and for marketing and advertising activities.

    Yak hair locks can be supplied upon request.

    Elevate your business with Giambertone hair strands, the leading supplier of high-quality products for the beauty industry.

    We also offer a wide range of hair strands:

    • Colors: blonde, brown, white or gray (from 20%, up to 100%), black, ombré and many others.
    • Lengths: short, medium, long to suit any style.
    • Styles: straight, wavy, curly for a personalized look.


    • Completely customizable
    • Available in different types and conditions
    • Ideal for research and development
    • Compliant with regulations

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